Passion Projects


At Rezonate, we are a passionate team with a futuristic approach towards life and humanity. Along with marketing, our team also works on various passion projects and we love to see these projects evolve into successful programs helping people from all walks of life. We collaborate with some of the well-known leaders and influencers in the industry who guide and support our cause.

“Kids Gone Quantum” is a platform created for children of all ages to connect to their true essence and to discover their true potential through Spirituality and Science. When we raise conscious kids, we create a future society of conscious adults. We equip and empower children with the right tools and knowledge backed-up by Science to help them evolve from heroes to superheroes.

When children learn to live from a place of knowledge and wisdom as opposed to simply believing in what is passed on to them by the society, they are no more living life through some unconscious programs. We teach children methods like meditation, conscious entrepreneurship, healing through elevated emotions and energy, attitude of gratitude, visualizing, and more.

We completely believe in children’s true potential and absolutely trust their intelligence. We believe all children on this planet are born powerful with capabilities to truly feel and heal; not only themselves but other children, animals, and nature. They just need a little guidance, faith, and conscious techniques to step into their true power and to create their desired reality. At Kids Gone Quantum, we are only way-showers and hand-holders. We are proud and feel extremely honored to be a part of each and every child’s quantum journey.

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